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Animated Sex Games Is Where You Fuck Cartoon Chicks

One of the best things about the virtual adult gaming world is the fact that it can please fantasies that are not even possible in real life. Such as the fantasies you might have about certain animated characters that don’t exist in real life. We all have a crush on some cartoon character, anime babe, or hottie from mainstream video games. And some can argue that they might please those fantasies with cosplay porn. But it’s still a chick dressed as your favorite character. In the games that we have on our brand new site, you will fuck the actual character on which you have a crush. The developers of these games did an outstanding job designing the fuckable characters to look exactly like the original ones. And there are so many of them waiting for you here.

The Most Popular Chicks On Animated Sex Games

When people hear about parody cartoon games or anime parody games, they surely picture mostly conventional chicks we all agree are crazy hot and deserve to be fucked raw. I’m talking about babes like Betty or Wilma from Flintstones, Daphne from Scooby Doo, Tsunade from Naturo, and all the Adult Swim cartoon moms (Lois, Marge, Francine, etc.). While we do offer lots of games with such characters, we also have some more scandalous titles on our site, which will take advantage of the liberty offered by the virtual world to please twisted and fringe fantasies some crazy porn fans enjoy. We have a lot of Rule34 content on Animated Sex Games, lots of teen chicks such as Kim Possible, Elsa, and Anna from Frozen or Raven from Teen Titan. Not even animals are safe. The bronies who end up on our site will enjoy an entire category dedicated to MLP porn games in anthro or original form. And we even have Pokemon sex games in this collection. And there’s a lot more to be discovered. These are just the popular characters.

Are These Parody Animated Porn Games Legal?

Yes! All the parodies of our site are, in fact, custom sex mods that were added to the original open-source game by anonymous modders. Neither the creators of the original games nor our site are responsible for designing stunning replicas of the original characters. And since this site is not running for profit, no harm has been done. Except for maybe pleasing fantasies for fans of all kinds of characters.

How Much Does The Fun Cost On Animated Sex Games?

It costs you nothing. As already mentioned, the parody games are made by amateur modders who didn’t do all this for profit. The games on which they are built are open source. And we can’t charge money for such games. Everything works in your favor. On top of that, we won’t make you pay in other ways. You won’t see annoying pop-up ads on our site. There are no redirecting links. And we never ask for any personal info. Other free porn sites will give you free sex games in exchange for your email addresses and sometimes even your phone and credit card number. Don’t let yourself fooled.

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